Guided Response: Respond to two classmates. Use this opportunity to share your personal opinion on t

Guided Response: Respond to two classmates. Use this
opportunity to share your personal opinion on these issues. If applicable,
offer examples of personal or professional experience to support your

Cost of equipment and Participation

Organized Sports:

Pros- They are taught the proper techniques and the right
way of doing certain things. And having equipment keeps the child protected
from getting seriously hurt. For instance in baseball if you don’t wear a
helmet and get hit in the head by a fast ball, you can end up with severe head

Cons- Having equipment it makes it harder to complete some
of the tasks. And as a parent of an athlete and a cheerleader equipment is very

Unstructured free play:

Pros- Having the freedom to do whatever the children feel.
No structure and can make their own rules. Most of no one to yell at them. And
they can wear no equipment if they want to.

Cons- Not having to wear equipment is very dangerous. Most
free play there is no equipment involved.

Safety and Injuries

Organized Sport:

Pros- It gives the children the opportunity to follow rules
and to be safe. Teaches them the right from the wrong.

Cons- Children have to follow strict rules, and have certain
limits on things to do and not do.

Unstructured free play:

Pros- Kids are able to actually see how far they can go
before getting hurt. They can set their own limits to how rough they can be.

Cons- No limitations for the children. Which can cause
severe injuries.

Relevance within a School Environment

Organized Sport:

Pros- Participation in organized sports can have both
physical and social benefits for children.

Cons- Is not appropriate for all types of children.

Free Play:

Pros- At the school they are being watched carefully so no
one gets hurt.

Cons- Some teachers play to rough as well. Which means there
are not concerned enough for the children.

Inclusion of Children with Special Needs

Organized Sport:

Pros- It proofs that every child can participate. It also
shows that everyone is the same and can do the same things ever with special

Cons- It will take more time to teach due to having to take
time to make sure the children with special needs understand.

Free Play:

Pros- Anybody is able to play to matter who they are.

Cons- In today’s world there would be a lot of bullying.

Developing relationships within the community

Organized Sport:

Pros- Children that are involved in organized sport get the
opportunity to meet new children from different cities in their counties. And
for those that are in traveling sports get to meet people from other states.

Cons- Some children do not like to travel or meet new

Free Play:

Pros- All types of children in the neighborhood can play.
Which they get the opportunity to play with children from different schools and
all different children that live around them.

Cons- That you can’t trust other children. They might be
bullies or mean. Which being around those kind of children can be a bad

Home/School Connection

Organized Sport:

Pros- It gives the children the opportunity to bond with
their parents. For example being involved in softball you can go out and throw
the ball around with mother or father. It also helps the parents see how active
their children are. The parents will also be able to see the good behavior in
school and home.

Cons- Some parents don’t have the time to be involved with
children’s sport schedule or school schedule.

Free Play:

Pros- Parents get information about the stuff but doesn’t
mean they have to participate.

Cons- The parents don’t make time for their children, their
health, or schooling.


Wood, E. A. (2014). Free choice and free play in early
childhood education: troubling the discourse. International Journal Of Early
Years Education, 22(1), 4-18. doi:10.1080/09669760.2013.830562

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