Graphic design Graphic Design Report Final Report AND Works Cited Page -Define Graphic Design. This.

Graphic designGraphic Design Report Final Report AND Works Cited Page -Define Graphic Design. This should be your own definition based on your research. Do not just copy someone else’s definition. -Give a history of Graphic Design up until the present day. Highlight only the major achievements. There is a lot of history here. Be sure to include several specific technological achievement and people that help make graphic design what it is today. Find 3-4 images that show this technology or people. Each image should include a brief caption explaining what or who it is. -Where is Graphic Design today and where is it going in the future? -Be sure to be descriptive and thorough on this report. This report will be graded on completeness and content. Be sure not to just copy and past from your research. Put all answers and descriptions in your own words.…………….Answer Preview……………..


The art of visual communication is referred to as Graphic design. This visual communication incorporates the utilization of words, ideas and images to convey the intended information. The labour behind the success of graphic designer is a graphic designer. It is the role of the graphical designer to organize and utilize elements on varying genres of the media. Graphic design can also be looked at as a process that creatively combines technology and art to communicate ideas.

Graphic Design

 The designer therefore is required to be well informed and updated on all aspects of communication. This is so given that a graphic designer utilizes a variety of different communication tools to convey information from a client to a target audience…………….APA1,230 Words Added to cart

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