Objectives (you can add more):

  • To study the successful strategic plan and its applications.
  • To identify the critical factors of strategic planning for government entireties in KSA.
  • To study the strategic planning and its application in Energy sector

Deliverables and Timeline

  • Proposal ? 4 Days
  • Literature Draft ? 1week
  • Literature Presentation ? 2 days
  • Research Methodology ? 1 week
  • Field work/methods ? 1 week
  • Analysis Drafting ? 1 week
  • Summarizing and referencing ? 1 week
  • Final Draft ? 1 week

After finishing each drafted part, we submit it to the supervisor for his comments.

Project Guidelines:

Plagiarism Policy

Regarding Plagiarism, please note the following:

o If the report is acceptable the Anti-plagiarism report shall be generated, which would be verified and approved that the plagiarism index <=20%.

2. Formatting of the Project Report

Note: The approved thesis template contains all the settings as per the following guidelines. You need to simply place your text without changing the format. However for your reference, the same guidelines are discussed below:

a. Length, Spacing and Font Size

The Research Project will be ideally between 60 to 80 pages; Times New Roman 1.5 line spacing and a standard font size of 12 point size. It should be used for the text and front matter materials except for the title page, chapter headings and tables where different line spacing and fonts may be used. The print quality should be dark and clean.

b. Margins

The margins throughout the report or manuscript should be at least 25mm or 1 inch on the right, top and bottom. The left hand margin must be set to 1.2 inches to allow for binding. See template also.

c. Numbers and Percentages

Numbers in texts should be written in ?English numbers?. For instance, chapter 1, chapter 3 table 2.1 or figure 4.1.

d. Version of English

The department recommends the use of US English language. If the candidate is using a spell-check facility he/she should ensure that it is set to ?US English?. This is very important because a number of words are spelt quite differently in US English.

e. Research Project/Thesis Contents

Students are expected to compile their proposals to follow the format shown below:

Preliminary pages:

ü Title page

ü Declaration Certificate

ü Acknowledgement (Optional)

ü Table of contents

ü List of tables

ü List of figures

ü Abstract

The text

ü Chapter One: Introduction

ü Chapter Two: Literature review

ü Chapter Three: Methodology

ü Chapter Four: Analysis and Results

ü Chapter Five: Discussion and Conclusion

ü References

ü Bibliography

ü Appendices

– Rubric attached

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