Gov 2305 Chapter 11 and 12

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Chapter 11 Assignment

Since we live in a representative democracy, it?s important to know who your representatives are.This assignment will help you get familiar who represents your interests in the US Congress.

Format:Please format your assignment so that it looks similar to the outline below, using numbers and letters to indicate required portions of the assignment.I?ve given a sample below for the ?In the News? section.Since I am asking you to identify your three representatives to US Congress, you will essentially provide me with three mini outlines (one for each Senator/House Rep).They should all be contained in one document.

1)Identify your 2 US Senators ( and your 1 US House Representative (

Note: In the top right corner of both of the above websites you can enter your information to find who represents you.

2)Tell me a little about the people who represent you (this information should be available on your Senator/Reps website official House/Senate website):

a.Party affiliation (democrat or republican):

b.Date first elected to office:

c.Next up for reelection in (year)

d.2 interesting facts about the legislator

3)Tell me about their legislative work:The information for this section can be found using— go to the ?members of congress? section to search for your representatives.

a.Ideology score: Using the chart provided on, tell me how your legislator compares to others in terms of ideology.

b.2 pieces of legislation: Using the data provided on tell me about 2 pieces of legislation that your legislator has sponsored/co-sponsored recently.Try to pick interesting ones!

c.Committee membership (not subcommittees): These are also listed on your legislators page.

d.Percentage of missed votes: Also found on your legislators page.

4)In the news:Find two recent (within the last six months) news items about each of your Senators and House Rep.(total of 6 news items)
Format example (article title, date of publication, brief summary ? do not cut and paste! ? website of article):
Joe Biden flew all the way to the Vatican for this(2/19/15): Joe Biden, a Catholic, flew to the Vatican and had a brief encounter with newly elected Pope Francis.The only met for about 20 seconds.…

Chapter 12 Assignment

The Powerpoint gives some background to the video, so check it out first.

PBS Frontline: Obama’s Deal
video link:…


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