GIS Written Assignment 8

Answer each of the following questions on the peril of conflict and the promise of conflict resolution. Your answer to each item should be an essay of 700 words in length. 1 1/2 page each question (With a typical font and spacing, this comes to between 1½ and 3 pages.) It is recommended that you refer to outside sources as you consider these issues. Be sure to document your sources correctly.

Answer the questions below

1.Is the proliferation of nongovernmental organizations the result of an incapacity on the part of governments? Or, are NGOs an innovation in human social organization and an important step forward for addressing global and local challenges? How can NGOs and governments work together to complement one another? How should the private sector involve itself in such coalitions?

2.The Westphalian nation-state model has three main principles: (1) the principle that each state has sovereignty over its territory and domestic affairs, to the exclusion of all external powers, (2) the principle of non-interference in another country’s domestic affairs, and (3) the principle that each state, no matter how large or small, is equal in international law. Some experts have argued that today’s world has moved or is moving beyond that model. Assuming that latter premise is true, what activities or actions are driving these changes? What is the next step in the evolution of our societies? Do you believe governments around the world be overwhelmed by this new environment? How will they adapt to meet the constellation of new challenges and opportunities? Will authority become increasingly decentralized? After considering the previous questions, explain what importance leadership plays in this new system. How can it help guide countries, corporations, organizations, and institutions to necessary reform?

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