Genetics and Community Health


As part of this module?s studies, we learned how public and community health services and interventions are important to the delivery of care in a variety of settings in the community. The national initiative to improve the nation?s health, i.e., Healthy People 2020. (n.d.) is a prevention initiative focusing on improving the health of Americans. The Healthy People 2020 model focuses on critical determinant interventions for supporting a society in which all people live long, healthy lives. The critical determinants need to be monitored and evaluated to improve the health of our society. While all the determinants are important, they also interact with one another. Genetics is one such interaction area. Nurses are now beginning to see changes in care that includes creating patient genetic profiles. The genetic profile is a tool that allows nurses to support patients with information regarding genomic risk for disease, how drugs and genes may interact, and what may be available to manage those risks.


Conduct a review of the current state of tools available to the public for conducting and managing their family genome profile. Differentiate between the tools you discover to identify which ones are most focused on health concerns. Create an educational flyer that shows what you believe are the top tools and how they differ in what they deliver to the public. The flyer should be suitable for use by your classmates to educate patients on credible tools for creating a family genome profile.

Create an educational flyer suitable for use by classmates at your or a fictional place of employment. Your flyer message should:

  • Identify why it is important for nurses to educate and guide patients in the completion of a family genomic profile.
  • Describe the ethical and political implications surrounding family genomic profiles.
  • Provide a minimum of four different family genomic profile tools that are available to the public.
  • Identify minimum of one resource or tool that is available at your or a fictional workplace that can be used to support nurses in guiding patients in beginning a family genomic profile.
  • Describe how the nurse would use one of these tools to improve care and, in turn, outcomes.
  • Provide a reference list on the flyer that includes online resources with Internet links for ease of access by your classmates.

Your submission should include both the educational flyer and an assignment reference list that includes references from the flyer as well as your scholarly references. There should be minimum four scholarly references. Your assignment reference list will be submitted with the flyer as an attached Microsoft Word document.

Submission Details:

  • By the due date assigned, post your educational flyer with an attached reference list to the Submissions Area.
  • Support your findings with examples and scholarly references. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.


Healthy People 2020. (n.d.). Educational and community-based programs. Retrieved from

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