Genetic and biological factors that affect personality development

  1. List qualities/traits you share with a first-degree relative (parent or sibling).
  2. After developing this list, identify qualities that you do not share with this same relative.
  3. Do you find or detect more similarities or differences?
  4. How will this be beneficial to know when you are working with your clients?
  5. Discuss the nature vs. nurture debate. Which one do you think has a larger impact on personality development.


Read Chapter 5: ?Biological Aspects of Personality.? You will discover how evolution and genetics impact our personalities. You will also review Eysenck?s theory and how it applied to biology.

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Attachment in Infants


Adult Attachment

400 words min. NO PLAGIARISM. References and citations required.

Textbook reference: Howard S. Friedman and Miriam W. Schustack . (2012). Personality: Classic Theories and Modern Research . (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Higher Education.

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