Foundations of Change Management Taxonomy

The origins of organizational change management are not easy
to trace, primarily because the effects of change are often widespread and can
impact countless areas and functions within an organization. In addition,
change often occurs very frequently within organizations. Regardless of the
factors leading up to the change, the rationale for the change, and/or the
details of the change itself, leaders must have the appropriate skills to
manage change.

As a global change agent responsible for managing change, you
may question, ?How do I initiate change, and what steps do I need to take to
manage change so that it will satisfy the immediate and long-term needs of the
organization?? There are CEOs who are successful in implementing and managing
change and, like you, they have probably pondered the same question. Having the
foundational works of theorists may help you find the answer to this question,
because within these theories are constructs or tenets that, when applied, can
shape your own view of and strategic approach to change management.

This week, you will have an opportunity to become familiar
with some change management theorists and their theories.

To prepare for this Assignment, review this week?s Learning
Resources on change management theory and organizational development, as well
as any additional sources of your choosing. Research the theorists who
developed change management theory and compile key information as part of your

Submit an evaluation of at least three foundational change
management theories in the form of a properly formatted, APA-compliant taxonomy
table. For each of the theories you select, you should include the following:

The name of the theory

The date the theory was introduced

The theorist/author

Key components of the theory

For each theory presented, be sure to include a minimum of
two references to peer-reviewed, scholarly journals, as well as appropriate
in-text citations.

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