forum posts. Who Is Your Audience?

All of us have our own perspective and how we look at things. What are some of the key elements you would consider when deciding how to approach an audience? The “approach” refers to whether you would appeal to their emotions or address them with logic, use humor or not, etc.

Think about different members of a diverse audience you might address, not all of whom are military personnel or members of this class. Pick any two groups and discuss how they might differ from each other and how your speech to them might differ for each group.

In your answer, consider the following:

  1. How cultural perspectives of the audience could affect their interpretation of problems in the arts, politics, or global relations.
  2. Your own civic and cultural background, assumptions and predispositions and how they would affect your interpretation of the same problems.
  3. How, as a speaker, you would bridge the gaps in your perspective and that of the audience.

Initial posts must be 250 words, using correct grammar and spellcheck, if you quote anything make sure you site it in MLA format

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