Formal Logic Question

A sweatshop is a manufacturing facility where workers are paid pennies per hour to make articles that sell for thousands of times more than what the laborers are paid to produce them. Today, most sweatshops are found in Asian countries, particularly China, and the articles manufactured include every form of clothing, Nike shoes, Barbie dolls for Mattel, Apple iPods, clothing for Disney, and countless other items sold by WalMart and other retailers. Sweatshops hire adults and children as young as 5 years old, and they often house them in firetraps, expose them to dangerous chemicals, deny them bathroom breaks, demand sexual favors from women, and force them to work as long as 15 hours per day, 7 days per week.

People who defend sweatshops argue that the workers sign up of their own free will and consider working in a sweatshop to be a highly desirable form of employment. Those who oppose sweatshops scoff at the idea that the choice to work there is made freely, because the workers live in desperate poverty and have no other alternative.

Sweatshops are legal in most of the countries in which they are found today. But are they moral? Develop at least two or three analogies either supporting or opposing the morality of sweatshops.

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