Formal business analysis report

Formal Written Business Report

The report will be a formal written business report that is either a problem/solution report where you identify a problem within an organization, offers several solutions with supporting research and documentation, and make a recommendation. The other option is to write about your intended career. This report will explore in detail everything necessary for you to get a job in the field you desire. This report will require an interview with someone in the field. You may choose your own topic. Your topic should address a problem at a place of business or your planned career.

There is no minimum or maximum length requirement. The report should adequately cover the topic, yet be concise in accordance with business writing principles.

All written work will be evaluated on content, grammar, punctuation, presentation, organization, and style.

Attachment 2 provides writing standards and evaluation guidelines for student writing.

? The report must include the following (in this order):

? Title page

? Executive summary

? Body of report

? Reference list (Citations)

? Appendices (if applicable)

? The report must follow these guidelines:

? Typed, submitted hard copy

? Standard-sized paper (8.5 x 11 inches)

? 1-inch margins on all sides

? minimum of 12 point font

? Double-spaced (for grading purposes)

All sources must be cited fully and accurately. In-text citations and references will comply with the APA style manual. See the textbook.

? Citation Machine is an interactive web tool that will help you with your citations. Be sure to choose the APA citation format.

? For more detailed information about APA style guidelines, go to:

? For more grading information, see Attachment 3.

?A formal business report must be submitted by the due date to receive a passing grade.

I need you to tell the topic by Saturday midnight est . After that, you need to send within assigned time. Details in the attachment. You need to decide on length and biid accordingly

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