Forensic Psychology Assignment: Psychologists’ Roles The roles of psychologists can differ quite a..

Forensic Psychology

Assignment: Psychologists’ Roles

The roles of psychologists can differ quite a bit, depending on the part of the criminal justice system where they are working. From your book and additional outside resources, write a three to five page paper describing the roles of psychologists in criminal justice.

Your paper should:Identify the psychologists’ roles within the legal system (i.e. applied scientist, basic scientist, policy evaluator and advocate).Provide detailed examples of EACH of those roles in action within each of the following environments:Law EnforcementCorrectionsCourts system (excluding jury selection)Academia (university setting)Describe the role psychologists serve as a consultant in the jury selection process. Provide three examples of psychological concepts and describe how they are applied to the selection of juries.Address at least one common ethical obligation or issue facing psychologists in EACH area above.Explain how each ethical obligation is overcome and/or mitigated by psychologists by providing specific examples of policies, programs, laws, or regulations that are in place in each area of focus.

Be sure to support your answers with material from the reading and outside research (at least two outside sources from scholarly journal articles, the internet sources, the textbook articles from the Kaplan Online Library and other course material.)The paper should contain a cover page and a list of references in APA format.All internal citation of outside sources plus the listing of all references should also adhere to APA format.





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            There are many roles that psychologists can take part in within the legal system. This includes applied scientist, basic scientist, policy evaluator and an advocate. All these roles confer different duties and responsibilities to the psychologist in the legal system. This may assist in different environments within the legal system. Psychologists examine different people including police officers to convicts. There are ethical obligations that come up with being a psychologist within the legal system. Each of the roles is explained…


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