For this assignment, you will identify psychosocial information about your own responses to…

For this assignment, you will identify psychosocial information about your own responses to conflict. As you approach this assignment, remember the following premises: Honest self-assessment and an open search for self-truth regarding one’s value conflicts, personality, and conflict styles are worthy and healthy activities. The clearer a person is about his or her belief system, the more likely the person will display mature and rational behavior patterns. Values Clarification and Conflict Resolution Click here to access the PDF. In this assessment, use real-life experiences. Mark the realized scale and then score yourself on the idealized scale.
When interpreting the values assessment score, select the top five scores (at or near 10) for both idealized and realized scores. Then, select the five that had the greatest distance between the high scores and the low scores. These items can be your “value conflicts.”

Big Five Assessment Click here to access the website. Complete the assessment. Study or selected reference papers. Conflict Management Style Click here to access the conflict management style orientation scale.
Once you complete the self-assessment and receive scoring information, click here to access the website and download “TKI Sample Report.” Use this interpreparation guide for help in analyzing your score.

To complete this assignment: Read the information provided on each assessment. Complete the three assessments. Allow adequate time to do the assessment and the write-up for each. Include copies of your completed assessments in your write-up. This can be done by scanning the results and creating a Microsoft Word document. Place them in your document’s appendix. For each assessment, provide the following: A summary of the findings in a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document formatted in current APA style. You may use the summary provided in the Conflict Style and Big Five online reports. Any surprises or information that does not seem to fit what you believe about yourself in terms of the assessment findings and conflicts you have experienced. The implications of the results for yourself as a conflict manager. You may want to recall a few conflicts you have recently experienced as reference points.

Your final product will be a Microsoft Word document approximately 3–6 pages long (not including the title page, the reference page, or appendices), utilizing two to three scholarly sources. Make sure you write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

the big 5:

conflict management style:

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