Fixing Project Parts A and B

About the Project

Select One Product Category that is of substantial interest to you. For the project, you will need to collect data (over the Internet, from news papers, and other media) on 5 aspects of the product category. The overall length of the project should be between 15- 20 pages single spaced can contain graphics tables and images. The project will have 5 parts, relating to one product category. Each component of the project listed below (a-e) will be individual assignments for submission at different times of the course.

Aspects to be careful about:

1. Selecting the product category: Make sure you do some basic research online about the categories you consider studying to ensure sufficient information is available on the internet. Sometimes students realize half way through the semester that they should have selected a different product but at that point of time neither are they allowed to change their selection, and even if they were, they would not have enough time to catch up redoing all the work pertaining to the previous sections for the new product.

2. I will provide feedback to each student on their project parts, and when submitting the full (final) document the students should incorporate changes in response to that feedback. Then, I will allow for grade improvement. But for each project part, the students need to provide attention to detailed information, seek out research others have conducted in the area, and provide relevant data. The project is not an autobiography of students personal experiences, it is meant to be an objective application of what they have learned from the textbook. If a student submits content in a project part that is not well researched, not detailed, with grammatical errors and less than a page, I will submit a null grade with no future opportunities for grade improvement.

3. Any data or report being used as a relevant reference should provide a citation and a bibliography. Use the APA style.…

4. Look at the sample project provided in the course information section. Look at overall length, each section, types of data provided, charts and visuals.

5. Assessment will pay attention to quality of material content (data, reports), creative content, packaging, analytical ability and presentation skills.

*Plz fix Part A* My original submission attached

Project Part A

What are the different segments in the existing market for that product? (For example for product category cars, there are the fuel economy, luxury, environment friendly and other segments). Remember, when you talk about different market segments, talk about the different types of customers that buy those products- and their different needs that cause the products to be designed with different features for those categories. So how is the luxury SUV customer different from the fuel economy customer, or the environment friendly customer.

*Plz fix Part B* My original submission attached

Project Part B

What are the different motivations consumers have to buy that category of products?

To fit in with the earlier example (of cars), this part examines what lies behind consumer’s need for being green friendly, luxury or fuel-efficiency oriented. The motivation examines the buyers psychology behind his environment friendliness, or fuel-efficiency, etc. The psychology could be based on values, upbringing, demographics (race, income, religion), etc.

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