first question- Critical Issues Facing College Faculty List the most critical issues that postsecond

     first question- 

Critical Issues Facing College FacultyList the most critical issues that postsecondary faculty members face today. Discuss at least two of them.Defend your choices based on your own experience and research on the Internet and use the Argosy University online library resources.Discuss at least one potential strategy for handling one of the issues that you described. Respond substantively to the posts of at least two of your peers.second questionData Collection

When a final decision is made for designing a project or a course curriculum, it is crucial for you to analyze the types of data to be collected in the initial phase. The types of data collected will help you define both the required and optional elements for your program, determine whether remedial units or exemptions (development courses) are appropriate, and form the basis for selecting the basic content of instruction. Also, you will use the data you collect to determine your basic needs for constructing or revising a course or a program.

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