Find the dependent and independent variables in these examples… 1 answer below »

Taking a Step Further 1. Find the dependent and independent variables in these examples a) A researcher is focused on how sleep influences academic performance. b) A researcher wants to find whether academic performance influences self-esteem. c) A researcher is studying the influence of television watching of toddlers. d) A researcher is attempting to see whether self-esteem relates to and/or influences substance abuse among adolescents. e) A researcher is interested in understanding whether exposure to a large variety of food influences the level of pickiness among children younger than 6 years old. 2. What is the difference between the null and alternative hypothesis 3. What is the purpose of the null hypothesis 4. How can we distinguish between disturbance and confounding variables? Illustrate with an example 5. What are some ways to operationalize constructs, such as sleep, time, and anxiety 6. What is the purpose of having a direction when we design an alternative hypothesis? What do directional and nondirectional hypothesis tell us?

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