Finance and Business


DB 1

Financial Forecasting

People often use ?the economy? as an excuse for poor financial forecasting. While it is true that economic factors outside of the control of any corporation can have a devastating effect on an organization?s financial forecast, a good analysis of the internal and external environment can eliminate many false predictions. Discuss three factors in a financial forecast that can be skewed through faulty analysis or through bias, and explain how a financial manager can avoid these pitfalls.

Please write the discussion board with in 300 words

2.PPT Presentation

You must choose four questions from ?Discussion Questions? for chapter 3 and four questions from ?Discussion Questions? for chapter 4. You will submit this assignment in the form of a link to your power point presentation

You should include the following slides for your presentations:

1.Cover slide (Chapters covered and your name)

2.One slide per question ? with brief high-level answer on slide (at least 8 slides)

3. Closing slide/Thank you

Environment for Managers

1.DB 1 Go to and select a press release. Summarize it and tell us why you think the information is important for managers to know. Each class member should pick a different article if possible. Be sure to include an active link to the article in your initial post.

2. DB 2 In the text, go to Reviewing: Business and the Constitution and answer Debate This on page 118 about protecting people from themselves.

3. DB 3 In the text, go to Unit 2 Focus on Ethics and answer Legal Reasoning question 2 (Government Monitoring) on page 185

Totally we must do 4 discussion Boards and one ppt presentation.

For doing PPT please find the attached document of discussion questions.

For doing Manager DB?s please find the snap shots.

Reference should be must after the DB?s and PPT & Paper should be in APA Format

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