Final Project ? Recommendation Report/ School Nutrition/Fitness Recommendation Report

Continue to research the topic you chose in Week One and expand the body of your Recommendation Report from the Week Three rough draft. The report should show ongoing consideration of the primary and secondary audiences that you analyzed in Week One.

Your Recommendation Report must be eight to ten pages in length, exclusive of title page, references page, glossary, and any other appendices. All of the sections below should incorporate any revision suggestions that your instructor offered on the Week Three Assignment.

The Final Project must include:

  • A title page (page 479).
  • A letter of transmittal (pages 479, 488-489).
  • An abstract (pages 479-480, 491). This will provide an overview of a problem and solution relating to the larger Recommendation Report.
  • A table of contents and corresponding page numbers (pages 480-481, 492). This table should closely correlate with subheadings, and figures in the body of the Recommendation Report.
  • A table of graphics/illustrations (pages 481, 483). This table should closely correlate with subheadings, and figures in the body of the Recommendation Report.
  • A one-page executive summary (pages 483-484, 493).
  • Body, including an introduction (problem, solution, background, data sources, scope and limitation) that ends with a clear thesis statement or initiative to solve the identified problem, methods, results, conclusions, and recommendations (pages 476-478, 489, 491, 493, 495, 509).
  • A concluding paragraph that restates the paper?s main ideas.
  • Effective, useful, and properly cited graphic aids (minimum of three). For citation guidance, see pages 294-335.
  • Glossary that provides a comprehensive overview of specialized terminology appearing in the Recommendation Report (pages 476, 484, 486-487).
  • Include at least four sources (from Week One Assignment) in addition to the course textbook that are amply and appropriately cited in the text of the document and listed on the Reference page. Two sources must be scholarly journal articles from the Ashford University Library.

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