final presentation


Conduct an Interview on School Improvement Planning

(CLOs 1-6)


You will develop a presentation on the policy you developed in Lesson 6 that would be presented to internal and external stakeholders to include school board officials and community members to share information related to the policy and to garner support for its adoption. You will refer to this policy in the development of your Signature Assignment and turn in a final copy of your policy, incorporating any feedback from your instructor, as a part of the signature assignment. This policy will be used to develop an executive summary of the policy for leadership and a policy presentation for the internal and external stakeholders.

The Signature Assignment will have three parts:

Part 1: The Policy

  • This will be the final draft of the policy in the required template that was submitted in Lesson 6.

Part 2: The Executive Summary 

  • An executive summary is often provided to board members, executive cabinets, and those who make or approve policies.  It is a concise summary of a more detailed document, but also can stand on its own. An executive summary should be aimed at an audience that is interested in and wants to learn more about the report or, in this instance, a proposed policy.

Part 3: The Policy Presentation

  • A PowerPoint presentation for public viewing, including internal stakeholders (board, members, administrators, teachers, students) and external stakeholders (parents, community members, news reporters) that discusses the proposed policy and its intended benefits in language that is understandable to the general public.


Part 1.Review your policy that was submitted in Lesson 6 and make any needed revisions and edits. You will then use this policy as the foundation for your work in Parts 2 and 3.

Part 2.Develop an executive summary of the policy for board members that they will receive prior to the public presentation. This is an internal document for the board members. You should include the background on the local problem that led to the policy development and include a concise summary of the policy and its purpose, highlight major points, and describe any anticipated results. References are not required.

Part 3.Create a PowerPoint presentation file (including speaker’s notes) that could be used for public viewing, which will include internal stakeholders (board, members, administrators, teachers, students) and external stakeholders (parents, community members, news reporters). The presentation should describe the policy in language that is understandable to the general public and include the policy and the rationale, the need for the policy, and how the policy can effect positive change leading to improved school operations or practices. (Create an engaging and professional presentation following the tips and guidelines provided by the NU Academic Success Center’s writing resources for PowerPoint presentations).

This assignment must include Part 1: Policy (2-3 pages), Part 2: Executive Summary (1 page), and Part 3: Policy Presentation (6-8 slides) with speaker’s notes. These length requirements exclude the title and reference pages. Your submission must include at least 3 scholarly resources.

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