Final Exam For Communications Class

Communication & Diversity

Final Exam


You must answer a total of 3 questions. Everyone must answer questions 1. Question #1 has two questions imbedded, be sure to address all of question #1. Then select and answer two additional question. Aim to be as thorough as possible in your response. Your answers must be double spaced, 12 pt. font, using good grammar and spell checked! You will have in-text citations and a reference page for the entire exam.You can expect to write 2-4 pages for each question in order to answer them well. A hard copy of your exam responses is due in class. Good luck!

  1. Choose one social identity group: race, gender, sexuality, age or ability. Explain how that group has been socially constructed throughout history and how the social construction has led to marginalization. Specifically address the following questions:

Describe the narratives (stories, conversations, policies in place) that have emerged and note the corresponding historical time points (i.e. decade, era) in which they were popular. What social factors and conditions led to the emergence of these narratives?

List and describe three explicit ways (i.e. formal processes such as policies and laws) that the social constructions were enacted. How did this result in discrimination or marginalization? Please designate each explicit way by numbering them in your paragraph. No bullet points full paragraphs.

Select and answer two of the following questions:

  1. Explain the terms: non-dominant and dominant groups. In the United States what persons comprise the non-dominant group and what persons comprise the dominant group. Use examples from the textbook, or assigned readings to illustrate three implicit examples (attitudes, behaviors, feelings, and thoughts) of one or both groups in social situations. Please number within paragraph each implicit example.
  1. Define and compare the medical model of disability and the social model of disability. Use examples (textbook, assigned readings or personal /public) to illustrate your points.
  1. Describe the social constructionist view of sexual orientation and the essentialist view of sexual orientation. What implications may supporting either viewpoint have on society?
  1. Define economic, cultural, and social capital and explain how these concepts relate to social class. Why does social class matter in the United States (list three reasons and provide an example).
  1. Describe the deficit model of aging. What social force was primarily responsible for the evolution of this model and why? List two myths about aging that are supported by this model but have been refuted by gerontology studies.

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