Final – Documentary Questions

13th Documentary

  • What does the 13th Amendment grant to all Americans?
    • What is one of the exceptions?
  • The movie Birth of a Nation confirmed what narrative?
  • Jim Crow relegated African Americans to ______________ _____________ citizens.
  • How did the Civil Rights Movement change the notion of criminality?
  • What was the U. S. Prison Population in 1970? What was it in 2014? According to the documentary, what were some of the factors that caused the numbers to change during that time period?
  • The ?dog whistle? term War on Crime was a code word for what?
  • How did Lee Atwater describe the Southern Strategy?
  • Describe the term Super Predator.
  • How did the Federal Crime Bill of 1994 affect familes of people of color? Be sure to include discussion on
    • Mandatory Minimum
    • Truth in Sentencing
    • 3 Strikes law
  • What is Alec
    • List 32 corporate members
  • What is Corrections Corporation of America
  • The Prison Industrial Complex refers to what
    • Who benefits from this system
  • The lifetime likelihood of imprisonment for white me is __________ for black men __________
  • How does one have an informed debate about the current state of blacks and police relationships?
  • What is the opposite of criminalization?
  • Who were the Little Rock 9?
    • What was the ?lost year??
  • The number one school factor is what in schools?
  • Describe Mendez v Westminster
  • Define triple segregation
  • Describe the School to Prison Pipeline.

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