Film Literature Compare and Contrast Essay with the following prompt? Film Noir

Below are a list of movies we watched in class. Select two of the following movies to write a compare and contrast essay. Your essay should be 3-5 pages, MLA format.

  1. Pick two :

The Maltese Falcon

The Road to Perdition

The Dark Knight

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Movie of your own choice

B. Choose one of these prompts.

  1. Compare and contrast Film Noir settings, lighting and camera angle in the films you selected and how they contribute the overall tone of the films you selected?
  2. Compare and contrast Film Noir archetypes in the films you selected. How do these characters contribute to the overall theme?
  3. Compare and contrast Film Noir plot elements in the films you selected. How do these methods of storytelling contribute to the overall themes of the films

Just so you know one of the movies could be your own choice, but it must apply to noir genre. for example, Deadpool. Also I would prefer you to choose prompt 3 because it is a lot easier. ALSO there must be work cited as well(bibliography).

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