film Analysis: Eat Drink Man Woman

The movie can be streamed at Amazon for a nominal charge, Netflix offers a DVD rental.

The menu of options listed below identifies scenes in which food is dominant. Your task is to select one of the options and then review the indicated scenes to arrive at a deeper understanding of how the technical aspects of the movie (camera work, lighting, in short any aspect of mis en sense, and/or editing techniques) allow us to understand an important aspect of the character and/or conflict of the film.

The central questions this journal entry will address is:

  • What does a close review of the scenes suggest or reveal about the individual character(s) and the conflict they must resolve?
  • Remember, an effective analysis allows us to understand an important aspect of the movie that is not readily apparent when one just casually views the movie.

Select from the following scenes:

  1. Fast food scenes (Wendy’s and Taiwanese street food)
  2. Chef Chu rescues the wedding banquet including the after work exchange with Uncle Wen
  3. Tea scenes: Jia-Chien’s final meeting with Raymond including her exit from the gallery and the scene in which she meets Li Kai in the tea room
  4. The opening sequence in which we see Chef Chu prepare Sunday dinner for his daughters and the scene in which we see him prepare the engagement announcement dinner when his two son-in-laws assist him in the preparation of the meal
  5. The first family dinner and the final dinner that Jia-Chien hosts for her father

Journal entries should be a minimum of 2 pages (4 paragraphs) and a maximum of 4 pages (8 paragraphs) double-spaced.

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