F1: Comparative Advantage

This is for a discussion board not need to be to long or elaborate the amount of words could be between 250 to 300.

Here is the information to discuss.

shows that after-school jobs are highly correlated with decreases in
grade point averages. Those who work 1 to 10 hours get a 3.0 GPA and
those who work 21 hours or more have a 2.7 GPA. Higher GPA are, however,
highly correlated with higher lifetime earnings. Assume that a person
earns $8,000 per year for working part-time in college, and that the
return to 0.1 increase in GPA gives one a 10 percent increase in one’s
lifetime earnings with a present value of $80,000.

a) What would be the argument for working rather than studying harder?

b) Is this assumption that there is a trade-off between working and grades reasonable?

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