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Ethics in Film

Students are to select one of the options below and write a 3-4 page response paper connecting central concepts from Plato?s Republic and Aristotle?s Ethics to the films. Multiple quotations from the book (at least 3) and a brief explanation of the scenes from the films are necessary components of the paper. Papers should be typed, double-spaced, and in MLA format.

Option #1 (up to 5 points)

Reread books II-VII of Plato?s Republic and then compare the education of the Guardians and the restrictions and guidelines they live by to those of the Jedi Knights from Star Wars, episodes I-III. Some emphasis should be given to how Plato would explain Anakin?s descent into darkness and Palpatine?s rise to power.

Option # 2 (up to 3 points)

Reread Aristotle?s Ethics, books II, III, and VIII, and IX and then relate central concepts to Amir?s personal character development and redemption in the The Kite Runner. Major emphasis should be given to his friendships, especially to Hassan. Students should connect Aristotle?s theory of friendship in books VIII and IX to Amir?s relationship to Hassan and others, and students should connect books II-III to Amir?s quest to redefine his personal identity.

Students can potentially earn up to 5 points on their final average for excellent papers that incorporate substantial textual support from the books and show deep understanding of Plato.

Students who write on the Aristotle and The Kite Runner can earn a maximum of 3 points.

Students who use few quotes to connect the book to the film and who generalize main concepts will earn 3/2 points.

Students who summarize the film and draw loose comparisons to the books using little or no textual support will earn 1/0 points.

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