Explore what transportation to medical and mental health appointments is available in the community

Explore what transportation to medical and mental health appointments is available in the community that you are using for your final project, as well as the
regulatory and funding regulations in the area. Who funds that transportation? What state regulations are there related to transporting patients to health
appointments? How do policies impact the clients that need transportation? If you are having trouble finding the information, who will you ask for more
information? Post a one- to two-paragraph description of your findings in a journal entry.
In your response, specifically address the following critical elements:
a. Identify the community you will use in support of the final project.
b. Discuss the transportation options that are available in your community for people who have disabilities. Are there any limitations (such as minimum
notice requirements for scheduling, transportation is to be used only for medical appointments, etc.) on its use?
c. How does the state funding policy for these transportation services affect their use? In other words, is there a financial limitation on the services each
client receives or wishes to use? Is prior approval required? How are the providers and/or clients reimbursed by the state?
d. As a presenter, how might you encourage stakeholder discussion on and engagement with the regulatory environment and the state?s requirements of
the agency for provision of services? For example, what are the legal and ethical implications of not abiding by these policies?



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