Experiential Papers Instructions In this area of study, there is nothing better for you as a student

Experiential Papers Instructions

In this area of study, there is nothing better for you as a student than to see what takes place first-hand. You will be writing 3papers based on your experiences, as shown below:

• Visit a minimum of 2 meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) for the first paper.•

Most meetings are typically open to the public, but there are some that are closed, so make sure you plan accordingly. After each set of meetings (e.g., AA), you will write a paper based on your experiences and turn it in via Blackboard according to its due date in the Course Schedule.

NOTE: When you get to the meeting, ask who the leader/facilitator is and introduce yourself to him/her. Explain why you are there and get his/her okay to be present during the meeting. Reassure them that confidentiality will be maintained and that you are there to observe and learn. Most of the time, you will just listen quietly and respectfully. Sometimes they will ask you questions, but usually they will go around the group and talk about their issues. You are discouraged you from taking notes during the meeting (since you do not want to make the members uncomfortable); instead, wait until you get back home and write down your recollections, what took place, how things were run, members’ stories that stood out to you, etc. Hint: it would be wise to do a little research about the organization before you go to any meetings.

Each paper must be. [NOTE: References usually come from the books/materials that you can find at the meeting. Ask for as many of these brochures/pamphlets as you can and keep them for your present and future use.] Each paper must include at least 3–4 references in addition to the course textbooks. Current APA edition format rules are in effect (1/2” indents, 1” margins, double-spacing, etc.).

Required format of the paper:

• Name and Brief History of Organization (introduce what it is: AA, NA, Al-Anon; how long has it been around; important individuals and milestones in its development; future goals, etc.)• How the Meetings are Run/Organized (what helping model is it based on; what is the “leader’s” role; how does the group recognize success stories; what do they do for relapses, etc.)• Personal Observations of the Meetings (what you saw; what was interesting; observations of the group members [no names]; particular stories that caught your attention, etc.)• Conclusion (what you learned; is it a good model of treatment; how could you use this in your work/practice in the future, etc.)

Separate each section in current APA edition headings (Level 1 – centered and in bold, but do not show the “bullets”).

This assignment will be submitted via Blackboard and LiveText.

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