Evaluating Educational Inequality along Racial Lines Discuss the two differing theories on the role.

Evaluating Educational Inequality along Racial LinesDiscuss the two differing theories on the role of education (discussed in the Farley text).Analyze the role funding plays in educational inequality along racial lines and the ways cultural and behavioral factors influence the education of minorities (this includes a discussion of the cultural deprivation theory and the cultural bias theory).Reflect on what you have learned in this chapter by analyzing America’s cultural diversity in terms of race, gender, ethnicity and class. How should these inequities be addressed? Assume you are going to be a teacher (many of you are).  How do you inspire children who do not have the necessary resources in their homes, who go to under-funded schools, or who attend schools that do not celebrate their heritage?  We should not simply “write off” such children. We have an obligation to reach them. How would you do it?Using the resources in the back of the Fox book, describe one anti-racist tool that you would implement in this future (or fictional) classroom.This paper is to be 4-6 pages in length, with proper citations, and needs to be well written for full credit. You do not have to include an abstract or running heads. Be sure you properly cite sources within the body of your text and correctly format the reference page. These things are essential to college level writing.

Farley, J. (2012). Majority-Minority Relations (6th ed.), Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice   Hall,   Inc.







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            Racism is basically prejudice based on the skin color or rather the race of an individual. Society has made us believe that the whites are inferior to other races. This is not true; we are one world, one nation, and one people. Race is just a label that society has given the minorities in order to make them the minorities. Aspects of racism can also be traced in our educational system. Schools no longer teach people that they are equal it separates us.

Differing Theories on the Role of Education

            Education in the current system has been used to achieve different purposes. Farley brings out two main theories that explain the role of education i.e. the conflict theory and the functionalist theory. The conflict…..


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