evaluate Rostow’s ‘modernisation theory’ of development…. 1 answer below »

1. Essay topic

As the heading for your essay plan, write out the essay topic you have chosen.

Choose one of the following topics:

1. Critically evaluate Rostow's 'modernisation theory' of development.

2. Critically evaluate the contributions made by the ‘dependency school’ to development theory.

3. Critically assess the impact of ‘Third-Worldism’ on development theory.

4. “The concept of ‘self-reliance’ was a dead-end for development theory, and its history has nothing to teach us”. Discuss.

2. Thesis statement

In one sentence, clearly state what your essay will argue for as its overall conclusion.

3. Argument

You will need to develop 6-10 points to support your thesis statement. Eachof these points should have the following form:

(a) Topic Sentence: In one sentencestate your point. This sentence should be able to function as the topic (first) sentence of an essay paragraph. It should be clear from this topic sentence how your point supports your thesis statement.

(b) Justification: In a dot-pointed list, provide a concise summary of the justification for the claim made in your topic sentence. This justification can consist of chains of reasoning, and/or claims derived from reputable sources, and/or facts/data derived from reputable sources. (If the latter, provide a concise explanation of how the data support the claim you are making in your topic sentence.) Any citation of sources in this section should be appropriately referenced.

The points as a whole should flow logically from one to the next (i.e., the orderof your points matters). A reading of your topic sentences, one after the other, should provide the reader with a concise summary of your overall argument for your thesis statement.

Your argument section as a whole should reference a minimum of 10 relevant, scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources.

4. Reference list

Using a standard referencing system (e.g., APA or Harvard), provide full bibliographical details for all sources cited in section 2. This list should be in alphabetical order by author surname.

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