evaluate one of the enforceable standards in the Ethics Code, psychology homework help

In a 7- to 10-page scholarly research paper, evaluate one of the enforceable standards in the Ethics Code that can be found on pages 340-353 as it applies to an area of your specialization. The enforceable standards are located in the second section of the book, Chapters 4?13. Along with the text, use a minimum of five scholarly articles taken from peer-reviewed journals you will find in the Kaplan Library.

In the paper, you should evaluate the Ethics Code and how each section on the standard you chose will affect the ethical decision-making as it applies to your chosen topic. . You will synthesize the information from the articles and the course readings. This will be the basis for the majority of your paper. In a one page section, please analyze the relationship between your personal values (beliefs, possible biases, morals, etc.) and the professional codes specifically related to ethical decision making.

The paper should:

  • Follow Assignment directions (review grading rubric for best results).
  • Use correct APA formatting per the APA Publication Manual, 6th Edition.
  • Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English.
  • Be written in Standard American English and be clear, specific, and error-free. If needed, be sure to use the Kaplan University Writing Center for help.

Enforceable Standard 3 and how it relates to Industrial/Organizational psychology should main bones of paper, 1 full page on personal bias, beliefs, and values etc.

Unit 9 Project Rubric

Course Content

Student evaluates one of the enforceable standards in the code of ethics.

Student incorporates the minimum of 5 scholarly journal articles within the paper.

Clearly discusses how the standard will affect the ethical and personal decision-making in his/her specialization..

The discussion includes an analysis of the relationship between personal values and the ethics code within ethical decision making. This discussion is no more than one page.


Style and Mechanics: Includes introduction with clear thesis statement, complete paragraphs, and brief summary paragraph rephrasing thesis.

APA Style: Uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and APA format. Meets the 7 ? 10 page length requirements, which does not include the cover and reference page.


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