Ethical dilemma using NASW code of ethics… 1 answer below »

Ethical dilemma using NASW code of ethics
Ok let’s say a person named Carmen is referred by her employer because of what her employer suspected was a drinking problem. At the first meeting the counselor informed Carmen that one of the purpose for their coming together was for the counselor to make an assessment of the client for possible alcohol abuse. The counselor informed Carmen that he was asked by the employer to assess the employee and to determine if she had an alcohol problem and if so to determine the degree to which it would impair her work performance. The counselor noted that he was expected to give this information in a written report to the employer as a condition of the employee’s return to work. The counselor suggested that any specific information gathered in their interview would not be shared with the employer but that his clinical impressions regarding the existence of possible drinking problem and the degree to which that, should it exist, could impair her work performance would be shared with her employer.
The counselor presented the steps he would take writing and asked Carmen if she understood and she signs the paper as evidence of her informed consent to release that information to her employer?
Did the counselor meet his duty to inform and gain informed consent? What other ethical dilemmas arise did you see in this?

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