essay paper: Identifying & Analyzing Rhetorical Strategies ( about 9/11 )

I don?t have much to say cuz everything is on the attachment.The total pages is not important BUT it has to be between 4-6. you need to read three mini articles then write about only TWO of them the 2nd and 3th while the first is just for general idea. Please, follow the writing strategy I?ve attached cuz my prof is very picky and annoying most the class have to redo all the assignments ( I didn?t ) so I attached an EXAMPLE of the pervious paper ( I did it for C only which mean one example ). For this paper, I?m looking for a B. Everything you need is in the attachment and my example has almost everything included ( I passed with C since I gave only the one example). Feel free to contact me at any time. By the way, it is ok to get from the internet if you paraphrase and u don?t have to cite it ?

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