Essay Paper Essay Paper Choose one film we have screened in class to answer one of the…

Essay Paper

Essay Paper


Choose one film we have screened in class to answer one of the following questions:

Are images emerging from “Third World” countries stereotypical? Why or why not?

Can so-called Third World movies be considered “good” cinema? Why or why not?

Please note you are also responsible for submitting your Essay paper in the following steps:

References (15 points)

Outline (15 points)

Essay Response Paper (100 points) Create a clear introduction which contains an attention getter, thesis and preview

(10 points) Create a preview introducing the 3 main ideas from the film to support

your thesis (5 points) Discuss each main idea in turn within the body of your paper using and appropriate topic sentence, evidence and summary of evidence presented (10 points per idea, 30 points total) Contextualize your main discussion using social and historical content (10 points) Include parenthetical citations and a reference page. (10 points) Include your personal reflection and reactions to the film.

(10 points) Type in 12-point font, double spaced,

and 1-1.25 inch margins. (5points) Format the Title Page according to APA guidelines

(10 points) Limit your discussion between 3-7 pages

(10 points)

Essay Paper 100 points





Create an initial APA style reference page with all of the resources you intend to use. Remember, on the Essay you may only include the references which you have actually used in your paper.

Please ensure your reference page is in: Alphabetical order Double spaced Hanging Indent




That’s it, three things are Essay References, Essay outline and Essay Paper.

let me know if you have any question, thank you

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 film  PAS



The film to write on is:


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