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Optional Alternative Writing Assignment:

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Psychology in Autobiographies:

You will select 3 psychologists from the first 8 volumes of Edwin Boring?s A History of Psychology in Autobiography (available on reserve at the Library). Two psychologists must come from the first 5 volumes, and one from volume 7 or 8.

You will submit online (through Webcampus) a well-written 1250-word (~4-5 pages) summary and reflection that contains the following sections:

A. Your understanding of each of the 3 psychologists (~ 1-1.5 pages each):

  1. 1) Why do you think the psychologist was selected as a contributor?
  2. 2) How much emphasis does the psychologist put on influences from family, peers,teachers, and themselves in their intellectual development?
  3. 3) What were the psychologist?s core contributions to the field?

B. Your overall assessment (~1/2 -1 page):

4) What seems to be important in the development of a great psychologist and great ideas?

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