Esci Questions

Essay should be more than 2 pages long, double-spaced.

Based on the strange days on planet earth: Invaders video you watched in class
(): write a reflective essay that discusses alien invaders. Start with a
working definition of alien species. What might have contributed to their success? Discuss the damages that they may
cause. What can be done to reduce their impacts? What are some of the successful examples of invasive controls
discussed in the video? What methods may go wrong if left to amateurs? Note that you are asked to write a reflective
essay. Your work should read like an essay, not bullet points or just listing of answers to the guiding questions given
above. Moreover, it?s important to use examples from the video to illustrate your essay. The originality of your essay will
be checked by canvas. You cannot submit a work you wrote previously or a work written by someone else. Refer to the
similarity rules on the first page of this exam to understand how your score is going to be impacted by your similarity

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