esay about the Pact? by Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck

You will be reading the book ?The Pact? by Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt and writing a 5-6 page report. This assignment is designed to incorporate the issues, terms, concepts and social theories presented throughout the semester.

Your paper will be built around the hierarchical learning structure of Bloom?s Taxonomy (shown here). This classifies ascending levels of thinking. Knowledge is the foundation of learning and thinking, but it is not enough to just know the name of an issue or a concept, one must comprehend it. For example, knowing that Social Conflict theory is one of the three major social theories is incomplete without understanding that the conflict theorists are interested in issues of power, inequality, and conflict. The application of that theory, for example, involves identifying those issues of power, inequality, and conflict in specific situations, interactions, and social structures (you will apply all three of the major social theories in this section). In analyzing the content of the book, you will discuss how the various issues that you identify and apply affected the trajectory of the lives of those involved. In your synthesis, you will bring several of the pertinent issues together and explain how they relate to one another and to the characters in the book. Compare and contrast, demonstrate cause and effect, and show correlations in your synthesis. You will end your paper with a concluding paragraph evaluating the overall content of the book and also include your personal opinion of what you read.

So, the body of your paper will be your application, analysis, and synthesis, all demonstrating your knowledge and comprehension, while concluding with your evaluation.

The structure of your paper will be as follows:

Begin your paper by giving a brief summary of the book and why, overall, it is relevant to sociology. The remainder of your paper will be organized according to the parameters discussed above. Be sure to give specific examples from the book The Pact of sociological concepts and issues (with corresponding page numbers in parentheses, bolded) utilizing the appropriate sociological terms. Bold all uses of sociological terms, concepts, and theories in your report. You will see how the book relates to many of the topics presented in your textbook chapters, such as Culture, Socialization, Social Interaction, Groups and Organizations, Deviance, Social Stratification, Race, Economics, Family, Religion, Education, Health and Medicine, Urbanization, and Social Change.

This is to be in essay form, so use paragraphs. Report should be word-processed in Arial 12-point font, double-spaced with 1-inch margins all around (top, bottom, right, and left), no page headers, stapled together (no folders or plastic

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