Ergonomics report: Measurement of Human Grip Strength

See the attachment for the lab report and this the formula

Use the following template to complete the laboratory report which must be typed and


Lab Title

Student?s Names

Introduction ? Describe muscular strength measurements and the basic concepts of this lab assignment

Purpose – Describe the importance of muscular strength measurements as it relates to ergonomics and

workplace design. (5-6 sentence minimum)

Materials ? List the materials by name that you used to complete this lab

Procedure ? Describe the procedure you used to collect all of your data points

Data ? Provide the data you collected for grip and pinch strength in a table identifying each of the

variables. Also, provide the summaries of the equipment listed on the Lab instructions sheet

Observations & Conclusion ? Describe the observations made while taking measurements and any work

design related conclusions you have made a result of completing these measurement exercises.

Limitations on Data Collection or Potential Sources of Error

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