Ergonomics 2 pgs

We discussed the definition of ergonomics and the role of ergonomics in our professional lives. For the Homework assignment, you will expand on those concepts a bit further and focus on how ergonomics can affect different
types of workstations.
In one Word document, write responses to the following items.

Use APA to cite and reference all outside sources, including
the textbook.

Please label each section for clarity using APA headings:

1. Describe the relationship between proper ergonomic design and your workstation; include a real-world example.
Explain how ergonomics, if not properly applied, can affect your life short-term or long-term. (Note: You may consider
your study work station or your workstation at your place of employment.)

2. Amy works for a large variety store in your area. Her work tasks include standing at the cash register (checkout
counter) for extended periods of time. She is responsible for scanning items and placing them into bags or the
customer?s cart. Some of these items can be heavy. Describe some of the areas within this workstation where this
employee could be injured. Describe what actions the employer might take to relieve some of these hazards.

3. Adam, a 25-year-old Caucasian male, is an employee working in the automotive section of a large variety store. Using
the tables found in Chapter 3, provide a hypothetical description of Adam that would place him in the 50th percentile
for height, weight, waist circumference, and body mass index. Provide exact measurements for Adam, using the 50th
percentile columns. Explain one area where these measurements might be of use for the employer as it relates to
this employee.

You should answer each question using a one- to two-paragraph response. All items combined must be a minimum of two
pages in length.

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