English is my second laguage. Please help check my grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, topic..

English is my second laguage. Please help check my grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, topic sentences. Thank you very much!

I agree with the ideas of eight rules that makes an effective executive. We were all born with different background, different personality, values, but those factors don’t define how good of an effective leader we are. This article really delivers that effectiveness is something we all can learn and develop.

I particularly enjoyed the question “what needs to be done?”. An effective executive look at the big picture and determine which contribution will make the most impact to the result. They priorities those tasks and tackle no more than 2. That is very true, a lot of people think they can multitask, but in reality, human is terrible at doing different things at the same time. Even when we try our best, we tent to make a lot of mistake when we multitasking compare to focusing to one single problem.

I also really like the bonus practice: Listen first, speak last. Good leader is a good listener, you gathering information by listening to what other people have to say, by listening first, you let people share information about their issues, their personal story. You can’t guide people effectively until you fully understand their problem, their needs. Speak last is also a way to hold your ideas until the end and encourage your team member to think and speak up for their own ideas.

I like all the 8 rules that Peter Druckers listed in the articles. It is a guideline provided to help all of us walk on the path towards success, however I believe that’s not something we can master right away, but it is self-discipline that must be learned over time and also through experience.

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