English 102

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English 102

Preliminary Works Cited and Purpose Assignment

A works cited is a formal list of the sources you have read while doing your research, and which you will eventually quote, paraphrase, or summarize in the final paper. You many not use every source you read, and you will probably find many more sources after you turn in this assignment, but you will find it useful to keep track of what you have read. The works cited allows me to see what kinds of sources you are reading and how informed you have become about your topic.

1. (70%) Include at LEAST SEVEN sources in your Preliminary Works Cited and Purpose Assignment. Here are the source requirements:

1 Article from a scholarly (academic) periodical

1 Book about your subject or related to your subject

5 Articles from other periodicals/ anthologies/ websites

= 7 Total Sources

  • You may use more than one scholarly article, but you must have at least one.
  • You may use more than one book, but do not use more than four. Anthologies do not count as books.
  • You may use only a few newspaper articles, or none at all. Most won’t count because they tend to be less than three pages.
  • ALL SOURCES MUST BE APPROVED. If you are not sure whether a source meets approval for use, please send me a link!

2. (10%) Format the works cited part of the assignment correctly. It is organized in alphabetical order by author’s last name, is double-spaced, and uses hanging indents. Here is an example using 8 sources:

Allen, Patricia. “The Disappearance Of Hunger In America.” Gastronomica (Berkeley,

Calif.) 7.3 (2007): 19-23. Social Sciences Full Text (H.W. Wilson). Web. 23 July


Beckmann, David. “Hunger Is Political.” Christian Century 127.19 (2010): 11-13.

Readers’ Guide Full Text Mega (H.W. Wilson). Web. 24 July 2012.

Gattuso, Greg. “Attack On Hunger.” SN: Supermarket News 53.3 (2005): 22-31. Business

Source Complete. Web. 23 July 2012.

Kozikowski, Debra, and Miryam Ehrlich Williamson. “Understanding The Paradox And

The Need: Taking On Hunger And Obesity In America.” Tikkun 24.3 (2009): 38-

40. Academic Search Complete. Web. 25 July 2012.

Lieberman, Trudy. “Hungry in America.” Nation 18 Aug. 2003: 17-22. Academic Search

Complete. Web. 24 July 2012.

Nestle, Marion. “Hunger In America: A Matter Of Policy.” Social Research 66.1 (1999):

257-282. Social Sciences Full Text (H.W. Wilson). Web. 25 July 2012.

Physician Task Force on Hunger in America. Hunger in America, The Growing

Epidemic. Middletown, CT. Wesleyan University Press, 1985.

Schwartz-Nobel, Loretta. Growing Up Empty, The Hunger Epidemic in America. New

York: Harper Collins Publishers, 2002.

(Please see ?Constructing a Works Cited Page? in the Readings and Materials for a full list of types of sources and formatting for each type.)

3. (20%) In one sentence, following the works cited part of the assignment, explain your purpose for selecting each article or book. Tell, in IN YOUR OWN WORDS, your reason for choosing the sources you did, and how those sources will assist you in constructing the paper. DO NOT USE DIRECT QUOTATIONS OR PARAPHRASES, AND DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! Here is an example that would follow the works cited above:

Allen?s article will assist me in defining what hunger actually is, and how it?s categorized or classified by both the government and scientific institutions.

Beckmann?s article will help me show that the government is the single most influential entity in providing aid to hungry people, and in establishing guidelines and laws related to hunger.

Gattuso?s article will assist me in demonstrating how food banks work, and what they hope to achieve.

Kozikowski?s and Williamson?s article will help me make a link between hunger and obesity, specifically among children, in my paper.

Lieberman?s article will allow me to show that the working poor often experience hunger, and that the government must do something about this.

Nestle, in his scholarly journal article, will assist me in explaining the history and causes of hunger in America.

The Physician Task Force on Hunger in America, a report about hunger, will help me show that doctors have been discussing hunger and its effects for many years, and that bureaucracy has been a problem in solving the issue for just as long

Schwartz-Nobel?s book will allow me to use stories about real people facing hunger in America ? how they arrived at that point where they didn?t have enough food, and the problems they faced trying to rectify the situation.

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