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Discussion 1: Choosing a Medium for Sharing Your Professional Work

Please respond to the following:

· From the e-Activity, review one of the following: (A) blog, (B) wiki, or (C) Web publishing site, and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of publishing in the way you selected. Provide the name and URL of your selection. Be prepared to discuss.

Discussion 2: Editing for Clarity

Please respond to the following:

· Although an essay may have correct spelling and punctuation, it can cause confusion if the statements are unclear due to wordiness, clichés, non-parallel structure, etc. Locate two examples of unclear writing from the Web. Include the examples and URL. Explain the problems with clarity that the examples demonstrate.

· Explain the benefits of having others review your writing and provide feedback to you before submitting your paper to the professor (or other evaluator).

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