Emmett Mill presentation

Emmett Till Murder Trial case

Overview: This milestone will allow you to complete the Background portion of your final project. In Module One, you chose a controversial court case in which

the judicial process created civil unrest and discord or was otherwise the subject of national media scrutiny, and that aligns with your educational and

professional interests in criminal justice. In this milestone, you will discuss the facts, the legal issues, the judicial proceedings, the procedural history, and the

holding(s) of the court case.

Prompt: Use the case you identified in Module One to complete this assignment. In this milestone, create a draft that addresses the Background portion of your

final project.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Background of the Case

A. Facts: Provide a clear, succinct, and accurate summary of the key facts of the case. For instance, on what date(s) did the crime occur? Who was

involved? What weapon was used (if there was one)?

B. Timeline: Develop a clear, accurate timeline of your controversial court case that summarizes the decision of the court. Specifically, the timeline

of your case should include:

1. The legal issues

2. The judicial proceedings

3. The procedural history

4. The holding(s)

C. Verdict: Defend, with evidence, your position on the court?s verdict. In other words, did the court issue the most appropriate verdict in the case?

Why or why not? Ensure that you communicate your defense clearly and effectively.

D. Type of Court: Explain where (local, state, or federal court) the case was tried, specifically including whether the case was tried in civil court as

well as criminal court. Why was the case tried in civil court, or why was it not?

E. Similarities: Explain the similarities between the procedures in the criminal trial that occurred and the procedures in a civil trial (whether actual

or potential) for your case.

F. Differences: Explain the differences between the procedures in the criminal trial that occurred and the procedures in a civil trial (whether actual

or potential) for your case.

Guidelines for Submission: Your draft of the Background portion of your final project will be submitted as a presentation and must include speaker notes or a

transcript. Audio and video are strongly encouraged because of the importance of communication in the criminal justice profession. Your presentation should

have 5?7 slides, although this is a minimum requirement; depending on the controversial court case you select, you may need more slides to comprehensively

analyze your court case. You should use current APA style guidelines for your citations and reference list, with a minimum of three sources.

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