Effective intra-organizational and inter-organizational communication

Prepare a 1000 words essay
addressing the two parts paper. Part 1. Effective intra- and inter-organizational
communication protocols are essential to successfully operating criminal
justice organizations, especially during a crisis. Technology is one area where
it is important to ensure criminal justice agencies are able to communicate both
internally within their own organization, and externally with partner
organizations. Discuss the role of technology in ensuring that criminal justice
agencies have effective intra- and inter-organizational communication protocols
established. Identify potential weaknesses that currently exist and the steps
necessary to correct these communication gaps. Part 2. The exchange theory
suggests that when Person A assists Person B, Person B will repay Person A with
some form of future assistance. Criminal justice practitioners will sometimes
create their own informal networks of information sharing that operate based
upon the premise of the Exchange Theory. However, not all information sharing
that occurs through these informal networks has positive outcomes for an
organization. Evaluate the potential negative impacts that the Exchange Theory
might have on a criminal justice organization. Identify steps that an agency
might take to mitigate the negative impacts of these informal networks.

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