ECE355:W3 Understanding Behavior & Family Dynamics D1

According to the video and course readings variations in parenting
attitudes and styles are evident among the diverse cultural groups in
the United States.  The four ethnic groups discussed in Chapter Six of
your text have distinctive characteristics.  There are many variables
relating to parenting practices in any ethnic or cultural group.  Select
one of the groups discussed in your text or the video and respond to
the following:

  • What are the major characteristics of parenting behaviors and behavioral patterns for the ethnic or cultural group chosen?
  • What stereotypes exist regarding the ethnic or cultural group you have chosen?
  • Have you encountered parents from this or other cultures?  What
    were your opinions and attitudes as you compared your philosophy of
    parenting with theirs?
  • Has your reading/knowledge of this chapter influenced your thoughts and opinions?
  • How will this learning influence your interactions with parents and children in the future?

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