Each student is tasked with performing external, academic research to examine how development…

Each student is tasked with performing external, academic research to examine
how development relates to one of the following topics that the student selects:
Emotion management
Impoverished environments
Social media
Religious influences
Students must use credible, academic sources other
than the assigned text. Students shall adequately address the following:
Clearly define and explain the topic chosen and discuss how three of the six
major development theories can be used to address the topic in relation
to development across the life span Prepare an experimental design that could be used to gain information on a development
question that you have relating to the topic chosen using the scientific
Explain the question
Provide a hypothesis
Document the research method you would use (how you would conduct
the experiment)
Prepare a three (3) to four (4) page APA formatted written paper addressing the
points herein.I would my paper to be about how religion has a influence on behavior social learning and psycho social please. Also the paper must be written in third person and My hypothesis is : I believe religion has an influence on our behavior as it relates to psychosocial and social learning.

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