Drama Analysis Essay please follow three document. Write a fully fleshed out Drama Analysis Essay…

Drama Analysis Essay

please follow three document. Write a fully fleshed out Drama Analysis Essay that defends a thesis you developed through a close critical reading/analysis of a work of drama on the list. Do not confuse “critical analysis” with “plot summary;” the goal is to develop, sustain, and advance a thesis based on a critique of the primary text that clearly expresses thoughts on a significant literary theme of your choosing. Remember that a theme is more than an abstract term, it’s an observation on life or the human condition. What does your chosen work say about one of the below terms?

You must choose one drama from the list that in files.

Please refer to the outline breakdown and the sample format.

1000 words (double spaced 12 point font).

Answer preview………….. The Cuban Swimmer written by Milcha Sanchez-Scott is a one-act allegorical drama which was published in 1984. The author in the drama creates three distinct but interdependent worlds of the swimmer, her family in the boat following her, and the radio newscaster in the helicopter. The author points towards the writing of the drama were to highlight the need for women empowerment and mentorship in the society in which many are deemed not to succeed. The other point rose by the author in the play is the need of women to self-identify themselves in the society in which they are seen as weak and to help their families. The author also addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual survival that the family in the drama and what many families in various societies encounter and how multiple hopes and dreams have been shattered by the cruel external world. The author emphasizes the many dangers and hardships faced by multiple individuals in the play, but they were able to persevere until the end……..

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