dont have to record oneself; just type a pararaph that would equal up to 3 minutes. assignment needed below

Part 1: Practice and record your verbal communication for Assignment 3, which is due in Week 10. Submit the recording to the Discussion Board for peer feedback. 3 minutes long.



Distribution business opportunity is the core of the strategic plan that through effective communication will be successful. The distribution opportunity involves selling products and services from already existing manufacturers. The products will vary depending on the market demand as analyzed in the plan. As a professional, the strategic communication plan will play a significant role in making a strong foundation. The program will create advance awareness to the public encompassing the potential customers.


The main focus in developing the communication plan is to create awareness to the public. The plan is expected to help the potential customers prepare for the company’s deals. The communication strategy aims at maximizing value-added products in the distribution lot. The customization of products from the manufacturers to increase credibility and change the customer’s preference. The plan through a change in the transportation and distribution shows a focused growth on the rural and domestic markets (Jones et al, 632).


In the communication plan, the audience refers to all individuals expected to receive the published or links of the outline. The audience in the communication plan for the distribution company is wholesale, retail and consumers in the domestic areas. The demographic background of the audience will be business-oriented from both large and small scale units. International markets will be part of the expected audience to help create a bod that will increase the distribution value (Morténius & Twetman, 164). The relationship between the audience and the firm is mutual because most retailers and wholesalers are in need of distributing partners. Some of the preconceptions predicted in creating the expected rapport with the audience are competition from other market distributing forces. As part of audience analysis, some of the conclusion drawn about the audience are positivity and embrace of the information communicated through the plan. The tone to be used in conveying the data to the audience is formal at an impersonal level.

Key Message

The main message to be conveyed through the strategic communication plan is the ways of convenience delivery of products. The plan will indicate some of the most convenient modes of communication, transport, and distribution which is an expectation from the audience. The message will be compelling and clear through indication of the exact services to expect. The goals of the audience are to fall for the best distribution services which are aligned with the key message contained in the plan (1).

Channel Selection

The communication style involved will be passive-aggressive to ensure that the audience receives the message. The passive aggressive style targets all types of the audience since each has a way of obtaining information. The channels to deliver the message will involve direct and use of digital gadgets to each the audience. The distribution plan will have a website that will communicate the message via online services for efficiency (2). The direct channel will involve manual communication and will message get to the audience at the rural and domestic areas. The digital gadgets such as the online website will help the message reach the audience from the international market.

Action Request

The communication plan is easily actionable and aims at convincing the audience on the efficiency of the services. The message is clear and real to situations through the goals that are realistic to the current world of business. The business plan is focused on communicating to the potential customers the future strategies for the organization towards improving the distribution unit in marketing. The strategic communication plan will prove to be an essential element in planning business primarily in the emergence of an opportunity or challenge.

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