Do online library research, choose a topic that covers some aspect of sustainability.

1. Do online library research.

Choose a question or problem in sustainability, and choose a topic that covers some aspect of sustainability. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • climate change
  • water issues or drought
  • energy use or alternatives
  • waste, recycling, or compost issues
  • biodiversity loss
  • habitat destruction

Best Database Resources for Biology:

2. Make a slideshow.

  • You will make a presentation using the software tool of your choice
  • Once you are finished, you will save the presentation slides as a PDF
  • Project title on the first slide
  • A short summary of the topic
  • Five labeled or captioned pictures (at minimum)
  • One labeled or captioned graph (at minimum)
  • List of three personal things students can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle
  • List of sources

3. Write an essay.

  • Write a 500-word short report in your own words on this topic
  • Use at least 3 credible sources from the library database that mentioned
  • You must properly cite all sources in the APA style in your paper

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