Diversity In AT&T, Annotated Bibliography, management homework help

annotated bibliography is now due for your course project. The bibliography
should contain at least three scholarly sources listed in APA format. Each
annotation should include the following:

  • A brief description of the source
  • A short summary of its primary points or arguments

….Diversity In AT&T

Diversity Management Project

company is AT&T, an IT company that deals with data networking, system
integration and software engineering among other services. This company is
interesting not only because I am employed there but it works tirelessly to
improve their customer experience by developing products that are more flexible
each day by continuous innovation, introducing new services and improving the
existing products and increase their network flexibility (Modra´k, and Pandian,
2012). However, AT&T in the past has been faced with a diversity issue
within the organization.

Back in 2008 there was a racial discrimination lawsuit filed
by a sales representative against AT&T. The sales representative Lakecious
Edwards was passed
over on three separate occasions for promotions that went to white employees,
two of whom were under disciplinary review. When another job opening was
posted, the same manager falsely told AT&T managers that Edwards was not
interested in the job.  The jury found
race was a motivating factor in the company’s repeated failure to promote
her.  Because she had complained the jury
also found that AT&T was at fault for retaliation.

When a person is
discriminated against multiple things are affected.  Employees tend to lose lack of interest in
the job, which affects their job performances. 
He or she does not maximize their full work potential at a 100 percent.
Seeing promotions being given to someone based on their race and not because of
their qualifications can placed a sour taste in one’s mouth. An action of this
kind creates a heart of stone of a good, committed, and loyal employee.  Any type of discrimination is bad for the
company especially racial discrimination. 
Good, loyal, and committed employees are more likely to become disloyal,
quit their job, which in return can create a high turnover.

The potential
ramifications that the organization will face could be losing skilled employees;
that can also be costly.  Losing great
employees can hurt the company because then the company has to hire and train
new employees, which will cost them money. Most importantly racial
discrimination can hurt the company’s reputation that can damage the success of
the company. Sometimes organizations underestimate the effect of unhappy
employees. They can easily bad mouth the company to their family and friends.
Depending on how influential the person is he or she can convince their family
member and friends to take their business elsewhere. This type of ramification
can also ruin the organization reputation.


R. (2008, August 12). AT&T Loses Racial Discrimination Lawsuit. Retrieved
 April 10, 2016, from

Modra´k, V., & Pandian, R.
S. (2012). Operations management research and cellular manufacturing
systems: Innovative methods and approaches
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