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Question 1

Think of a time when you were strongly moved?to fear or anger or tears, perhaps, but perhaps, also, to laughter?by a story or a poem or a film. Considering both the nature of the story or poem or film and your own circumstances at the time, try to identify and share your ideas about literature as a key part of human culture.

Please be sure to choose a unique topic for your discussion response

Question 2

?Narrative? is a common form of writing and speaking in which events or actions are often related in the order in which they happened. An accident report for an insurance claim is a narrative. ?Stories? usually begin with a narrative structure, but they are more than just narratives. What are some of the elements that make a piece of writing a ?story?? Share your ideas with your classmates.

Please be sure to choose a unique topic for your discussion response. You are encouraged to explore ideas not already referenced by classmates.

Additionally, you are asked to finish the novel by the end of this week so that you can develop your final Portfolio Project ideas as we explore new elements of literature each week.

What is the ?story? in the novel? Do novels share similar elements as the short stories?

Question 3

Now that we have read Achebe?s novel, we begin the reflective task of discussing the novel in the context of your final Portfolio Project. To get started, is there a character with whom you identify or to whom you feel connected in some way? Think out this character?s point of view and how you relate specifically to it. Briefly examine that character?s place in the novel and in relation to what we have learned so far about literature. Tell your classmates about your chosen character, and talk briefly about how, at this early stage in the process, this character will impact your thesis for the Portfolio Project and your research.

Please be sure to choose a unique topic for your discussion response

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